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We hope you enjoy all the information we provide about the County and learn more about the departments and employees who serve you. We welcome your comments, messages and feedback. We’d like this blog to be a lively and interactive exchange of ideas. Above all, have fun and remain courteous!

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352 thoughts on "Comments or Questions"

  1. GARY D STRUNK says:

    The county health department has referred me to you for my question: Where can I have water tested for minerals, hardness etc.?

    1. Hi Gary, who provides your water service? You should contact the utility for information.

  2. Candace Kimball says:

    After June 15, 2021, in a church, may the congregation sing and recite vows out loud?
    The church also has a Sunday school for children under the age of 18. The classes/teaching are held the same time as the church service on Sunday. Are those students required to wear a mask? May they also sing and recite out loud? BTW, there is an average of 4 students attending the Sunday school.

    1. The state will not mandate masks after June 15 for those who are vaccinated. Those who are unvaccinated should continue to wear masks, according to CDC guidance. The state of California will follow the CDC guidance after June 15. You can find information on child (care) settings here :

  3. Noelle says:

    Will HOA pools be allowed to open on 6/15 with no restrictions?

    1. HOA pools have been allowed to open for several months now with modifications. There is no longer a social distancing or mask order in place for vaccinated people. An HOA may still have their own rules but they are no longer mandated by the state.

  4. Cheryl Doublet says:

    We have visited several camping locations in the SB county parks. Prado, Yucaipa and most recently Glen Helen. All of them have been great experience except Glen Helen. We arrived to find someone in our spot who should have vacated. It took awhile but the park ranger got them to leave. My question/concern why isn’t someone checking to make sure when a spot is to be vacated that it is done so before the next person arrive. Also the gate to allow you in with a code is broken. When inquired we were told it’s being worked
    on ? Safety of camping is in jeopardy. Glen Helen camping is small but nice and could be better with some TLC

    1. Hi Cheryl, we will let our Parks director know. You will be pleased to hear that the Board of Supervisors have allocated an additional $5 million for our regional parks including Glen Helen for capital improvements.

  5. Wilmer Pena says:

    Hello, I am interested in this piece of land but I don’t know if its a good idea to post the address since other people can compete for it.

    I never bought a piece of land before but wanted to ask some questions regarding what kind of building permit I can have? I am totally new but I would like to see if I can park a trailer there to live there before I build a property!

    1. Hello, you may contact Land Use Services for information on building permits.

  6. Juan V. says:

    I would like to build a fence around my property. Who can I contact to mark the property lines?

    1. Hello, The County Surveyor does not perform surveys on private property. For that you need to hire a Professional Land Surveyor.

      The California Land Surveyors Association offers a search tool for land surveyors on their website, please see the link

      The State Licensing Site also has some good consumer info on land surveying that may help you, and also includes a license lookup tool to ensure that a surveyor’s license is current, and in good standing.

      In addition, we also have a public research website that allows you to look to see if any maps or surveys have already been done in your area or on your property. Here is the information for our research website:

      The County Surveyor’s office research website has been redesigned to be a map centric research tool. Please view the user guide video for detailed instruction on how to use the research website.

      Currently the research website may not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer; we suggest using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers instead.

      User Guide Video: Turn on Closed Captions CC for additional details.

      Research website :

      Once you have the website open, you can move the map to your property location, or you can enter your APN number in the search box in the upper right corner of the map. You can enter the APN without the dashes, and without the four zeros at the end. To view the map with different backgrounds, click on the ‘Basemap Gallery’ button in the upper left part of the map. One of the backgrounds available has aerial photography.

      While we don’t do the actual survey work on private property, we are here to answer any questions you may have about land surveying – please feel free to contact our office at the number at (909) 387-7910.

  7. Black Diamond Construction says:

    I am trying to get an inspectors email address. I have been on the phone on hold for 57 min waiting for response. Can you please send me Joe’s email address. He does inspections here in Lake Arrowhead. Very frustrating service!!!

    1. Hi Bill, we’re not sure who exactly you are trying reach but we’ll let Land Use know you are trying to get through.

  8. Paula T says:

    Homeowner would like information on how this land could be used
    He is interested in ADU and JR.ADU. He was wanting to know if this could be done on his property. Are there any lot coverage limits?

    If its possible, will his current septic change need to be changed to public sewage?

    This is in Bloomington

    1. Contact Land Use Services for information at to get this information.

  9. Elizabeth Baez says:

    I am looking at purchasing property APN 0469-231-04-0000
    before I do I want to inquire about cost to add an address for this land and a permit to add a mobile home as well as a Septic tank. Thank you.

    1. Hello Elizabeth, please contact Land Use Services for assistance or use their Virtual Counter feature here:

  10. Elizabeth Givens says:

    Hello I want to know about three or four different locations are commercial zoned and if I buy would I be permitted to open my business of. Choice?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, here is a link to our zoning maps: and you can contact Land Use if you have further questions at

  11. Rosalba says:

    Question: I’m trying to get my driveway leveled at my home in Running Springs. I have submitted a request on Ezop Portal and the answer I received does not suffice. Where would I obtain Engineered plans?

    Assigned to Melinda Hernandez
    Marked as Additional Info Required on 10/08/2021 by Melinda Hernandez
    Comment: In order to move forward with this permit. A full set of engineered plans will be required. Thank you

    1. Hello Rosalba, please call Land Use Services Toll Free (800) 722-4542 or Direct Line (909) 387-8311 and they will be able to answer questions specific to your project.

  12. David Newell says:

    I would like to know more about regulations about RV trailers parked for living quarters on private property in
    Lytle Creek. How much is a permit? Is a sewer hookup required if the RV has a sewer holding tank? Is an electrical hookup required if the has a generator?

    1. Hi David, contact Land Use Services for more information at for regulations on RV trailers.

  13. Rodolfo Lizarde says:

    Hello, I scheduled a final inspection on 10/5/2021 for permit ADDT-2020-00464, it was perfomred by A. Irick and hementioned that we passed. I go to the website to see the status of the inspection and is not showing the results. Is there a way I can obtain a copy of the inspection showing that the final was approved? I need this to be able to rent it.

    1. Hi Rodolfo, please contact Land Use Services at for more information about your permit.

  14. Simon Tattersall says:

    If I merge 2 parcels for tax purposes, can I unmerge them at any time in the future- if I want to sell one of the parcels?

    1. Hi Simon, please call the Assessor’s office for more information at or the Tax Collector’s Office at

  15. Mich says:

    Our rural community has only about 1/3 of our population vaccinated.

    One major issue listed NOT to get vaccinated is privacy.

    The County of San Bernardino reports all vaccinations to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) as required by law. The CAIR then shotguns the medical records to thousands of medical providers throughout the state (and elsewhere) who have nothing to do with providing medical service to the individual vaccinated.

    This massive distribution release of one’s medical record has some saying no to the overbearing intrusion.

    Is there any way to get the COVID vaccine without having to report it to the very untrusted CAIR?

  16. david newell says:

    are wood burning stoves allowed in SB county, specifically in lytle creek residences? Where can i find the building codes for this?

    1. Hello David, please contact Land Use Services for information you are seeking at
      Building codes are located here:

  17. Winnie says:

    I receive notice in email from my Congress Women stating “Individuals who live or work in San Bernardino county may visit San Bernardino county-operated testing sites to pick up free, rapid-result over-the-counter antigen test kits” Where I can pick up the home self testing kit? Thank you

    1. Hi Winnie, We have a pause on providing free antigen take home kits at this time until our supply replenishes. In the meantime you can order kits at or you can visit a testing site in San Bernardino County. Find a location near you here:

  18. Elena says:

    How can i get some type of help fixing my mobile home? the park owner is asking me to paint, and do repairs to my mobile home, but i don’t have the money to do the repairs. is there some type of financial aide available for this?
    thank you

    1. Hello Elena, here are a list of housing resources and if you have questions, please contact Community Development and Housing here:

  19. Harry says:

    For the past two and a half yrs. Mojavi Narrows Regional Park, has been in dire need of maintenance. Both fishing ponds are overrun with high plant growth (Cat Tails) In addition the ponds should be dredged the water vegetation is also out of control. I have often been told COVID is the reason, maintenance has been on hold. Will it be 2024 or later when Maintenance will pick up? I am a vet with limitations and cannot volunteer to do something to help. We pay to enter, Pay to Fish and too much shoreline is un useable. I am sure more people would return for the activities If something gets done.

    1. We’ll let Regional Parks know of your comments and concerns. Please note the County is investing in Regional Parks and making improvements.

  20. William Wisniewski says:

    at sun city apple valley on lariat street, we are afflicted with uncontrollable mosquito infestations from an open , standing water swamp behind our backyard walls. no one seems to care because we are old and we lack political juice. west niole virus season arrives this fall. we are on our own.

  21. This question is for Leonard Hernandez: I live in Amargosa Valley, Nevada (enter your sorrow here), and my wife and I would like to use Kelbaker Road to Kelso and possibly Palm Springs. Now for the important BUT, we are not physically able to travel Kelbaker Road from Baker, California to Kelso, California (don’t ask). Let me describe it to you, for I find that no one in California has any idea where Kelbaker Road is, let alone its condition. Kelbaker Road starts at the intersection of I-15 and the end of California SR 127. I have tried every office that is available, without success (they don’t know where it is). That road was so bad when we travelled it about 10 years, and we just can’t tolerate the bouncing.

  22. Hannah says:

    I am trying to build a single family home on a plot of land. So far, I got an address approved. I want to know the order of permits I need to submit. Also, does the geotechnical permit include the report or is it just the cost to get a report approved?

    1. Hi Hanna, please contact Land Use Services regarding permitting for your land.

  23. Tom Smith says:

    The Board of Sups are doing a mis-service to all county voters with the ballot initiative to “explore” secession from California. It is (or should be) common knowledge that all SoCal counties are economically and socially interdependent.

    Doing a study to understand whether the County is receiving it’s appropriate share if state and federal funding pass throughs is an appropriate exercise. But an initiative is not needed to accomplish this work. It’s part of the Board’s responsibility to its citizens. Hyperbole and misleading statements are irresponsible exercises of your oaths of office.

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