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224 Responses to Comments or Questions

  • Hi I am a residence of san Bernardino County who is looking to obtain court information regarding my fiance and I’ve had nothing but a frustrating time for MONTHS trying to access them through superior court website and I get as far as bieng able to successfully search his name and view charges, once I get to clicking o. Details I get “There was an error while processing your request. Please try again later.” Its very stressful and overwhelming i don’t any other way to view the information. And speaking with a clerk is out of question because I work mornings to evenings by the time I’m out I call and press “#9” to speak with clerk and instantly get disconnected so im assuming they must be closed its really tires some and just want to no my alternatives. Or what I can do or who can I speak with after the hours of 5pm.

  • I have been calling customer service non stop since the 4th of this month (nov) i have made 3 different appointments and have yet to receive a phone call for my review. It is now the 16th and they have not reached out to me yet. My benefits were cut because no one has called me to fulfill my appointments. I need a representative to do their job or file a complaint. I would go into the office but they will just make set up another appointment that customer service never fulfills.

  • every week same ol blah blah blah but NEVER any mention about what you are doing for our seniors that locked up in there assisted living rooms – unable to leave except to go to the doctor – in person visits limited to 30 min in a place that others are gathering but not allowed to have family to go into their rooms. no privacy being offered. you have sentenced these seniors to a slow and lonely death.

  • What if a person on social media such as Instagram decided to message a person under the age of 22 and threatened to rape that person in front of the family and say that they are going to hack the social media account to find you.

  • Hi,

    Why is the SBC COVID-19 dashboard website not being updated in a timely manner? Today is Thursday, October 22. The tabs showing information on “school districts” and “locations” only show through Saturday, October 10. That’s almost 2 weeks ago. And “CDPH Monitoring” only shows through October 13, which exceeds that stated week lag time. Doesn’t the public have the right to know the current, up-to-date information about what is occurring in our county?

  • I have a question about face masks.
    If we are working in a District office setting, if nobody is sitting next to me,
    do I need to wear a face mask?
    We currently are in an old building, the ventilation is horrible, can we get COVID from the vents?

    Thank you

  • Barbers cut facial hair and Cosmetologists who are known as hair stylists can also do facial treatments and die and cut eyebrows. Waxing should be allowed also! Especially if they are performing body waxing- Most waxing places perform the Brazilian wax (90% of their appointments)… SB county needs to allow waxing businesses to open along with Hair Salons and Barber Shops- There is no difference and the service times for a brazilian wax are 15mins! We can get waxed faster than any other hair service! Please add this info to your consideration on opening body waxing salons now!

  • Does the county have an official Tenant Declaration of Hardship or Declaration of COVID-19 Related Financial Distress form for tenants to provide their landlords?

  • When can Condo HOA’s open pools? My HOA won’t open the only pool we have because they say they have to have a security guard on duty to monitor the amount of people in the pool area and have it cleaned everyday. They want to charge us an extra $80 a month to do this so they have not had the pool opened longer than a week during this whole covid crisis.

  • Hello, I have a tenant in my rental home who is on a month-to-month lease. I want to give the tenant a 60 day notice because I am contemplating selling the home, if not doing a remodel. My question is if I give the 60 day notice to my tenant to move out, what happens if my tenant doesn’t want to move out after 60 days? Can I evict the tenant if he is not cooperative? Not sure what the rules are with the covid situation.

  • Hello I am a writer for the Coyote Chronicle at Cal State San Bernardino and would like to interview a county official about Halloween safety tips.

  • I would like to make an appeal for exceptions to the closing of nail salons. The governmental officials may not know this, but not all people go to these places for pretty nails. There are many older adults who go because they literally cannot cut their own toenails due to mobility or pain issues. There are no reasonable alternatives to this service. Podiatrists are out of the financial range for many people and Medicare will only pay for visits every two months for diabetics. The nail place I attend spent hundreds of dollars to put in plexi-glas separators, extra cleaning, sanitation station on entry, PPE, etc for their staff, only to be closed down a couple of weeks after opening. Please consider allowing nail places to re-open for the foot health of older residents.

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