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Transforming lives through the power of work

gwjessicaWhen you drive by a local Goodwill you might see racks of clothes, shoppers darting to-and-fro to find a hip outfit at a great price, or a neighbor making an in-kind donation. What you may not see are the Goodwill employees and the unique role they play in the community that’s worth far more than anything you can buy in a store.

Jessica Rodriguez is one of those special Goodwill employees that you just won’t see at the local retail store. She works behind the scenes as program manager at Goodwill’s San Bernardino Career Resource Center (located at 444 S. Waterman Ave.) and also manages multiple workforce and career development programs that are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and other vocational barriers prepare for and find stable employment.

With that much responsibility, you’d think work motivation would come at a premium; but if you ask Rodriguez, she’ll say it’s easy. All she has to do is step out of her office.

“If I look onto the work floor, looking at the participants doing their job, hearing their stories, looking at their successes, that’s why I continue to come every day to work. Why I motivate and inspire my staff to do the best that they can, it’s those successes,” said Rodriguez.

In her 10 years with the organization, Jessica has been focused on Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work, as is the mission of Goodwill.

Goodwill serves local businesses and individuals through their multifaceted career development programs, several of which Rodriguez manages. According to, Goodwill is committed to helping people with disabilities “secure sustainable employment and enjoy a greater sense of independence, dignity, purpose and pride,” and is helping thousands of people achieve career success every year.

Goodwill provides services through their Career Resource Center at no cost. They prepare job seekers for employment through resume workshops, interview coaching, job search tools, and a host services that are focused on helping their clients not just find a job, but sustain a career.

Whether you’re a teenager looking for experience to build a resume, an individual with a specific barrier to employment, or a veteran seeking help transitioning into the civilian workforce, Goodwill wants to help give you the tools you need to succeed.

For the road ahead, Rodriguez sees Goodwill expanding its reach throughout our region, continuing to partner with local businesses and helping many more people in our community reach the success they want to achieve.

“When we hear that one success story that day or that week, we know that it’s worth it.”

For more information on Goodwill Southern California business and career services in the Inland Empire, call (909) 885-3831 or visit

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