DevereauxBIAvisionToday, cities, local governments and members of the Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter discussed the development of business-friendly best practices to help sustain an environment of economic prosperity in our region.

This draft Business-Friendly Best Practices Inventory has been compiled as one way to help achieve the goal.  While “business friendly” may mean slightly different things to different people, one common understanding is that of fostering a welcome environment for businesses to be created, grow and thrive.  This report is a list of programs and practices that were submitted by cities and the County in response to a Best Practices Survey sent to each of SANBAG’s 25 member agencies in April 2013.  Also included are some best practices identified by other governmental organizations in reports from the US Conference of Mayors, the Washington State Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance, the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies, the University of North Carolina School of Government, and the Southern California Association of Governments.

If you have a business-friendly idea, the Countywide Vision project is interested in hearing from you. Please send your comments and ideas by April 2, 2014 to