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Business-friendly best practices established across the county

Businesswoman Assisting CustomersIn May 2012, the SANBAG Board of Directors and the County Board of Supervisors adopted implementation goals for the Countywide Vision. One of the implementation goals was to establish San Bernardino County as a model in the state where local governments, regulatory agencies and communities are truly business friendly.

The Jobs/Economy Element Group that consists of representatives of the business community as well as staff from SANBAG and the County took up this implementation goal. One of the tasks that they identified was to find a way for local governments and businesses to share what already works.

The Business-Friendly Best Practices Inventory is the result.

This Inventory was compiled from a survey sent to every city and the County asking them to identify “Business Friendly” practices and programs.  Also included are some best practices identified by other governmental organizations in reports from the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Washington State Governor’s Office of Regulatory Assistance, the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies, the University of North Carolina School of Government, and the Southern California Association of Governments.

Insights were also gained during a Countywide Vision workshop on best practices in development processing between cities and developers and hosted by SANBAG, the County and the Building Industry Association (BIA).

Read the Best Practices Inventory here: Business-Friendly Best Practices Inventory.

Read the Building Industry Association Baldy View Chapter’s Best Recommended Practices.

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