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Task forces developing metrics for cradle to career success

Cradle2Career1 Cradle2Career2San Bernardino County Schools convened a meeting Tuesday to discuss how leaders of different school grade levels would develop strategies to help children and young adults achieve cradle to career success.

Task force leaders received an overview and training for their roles including identifying evidence-based strategies and resources to help students meet their academic and career goals.

A regional goal of the Countywide Vision is to support the success of every child from cradle-to-career which includes:

  • Educating the public on the broad impacts of students dropping out of school and the benefits of completing high school and advancing to post-secondary education
  • Engaging parents and the community as partners in efforts to improve students throughout their educational careers
  • Providing adult intervention, tutoring and mentorship to students
  • Addressing the social and economic needs of families that impact educational success
  • Setting higher goals for educational and career achievement in the community
  • Educating and training the workforce for existing local career opportunities and attract new high-demand jobs to the area
  • Fostering entrepreneurship and incorporate training that provides students with the skills to create their own jobs

The San Bernardino County Board of Education adopted a Cradle to Career Roadmap in February. The roadmap identifies key milestones in a child’s personal, social, academic and career readiness. 


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