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Nominate a Reading Hero!

reading heroA Reading Hero is an individual who helps achieve or has achieved literacy in San Bernardino County. Vision2Read is seeking nominees for Reading Heroes in hopes of recognizing people in our community who have made a difference with regard to literacy or who have improved their own lives by learning to read.

Examples of Reading Heroes:

  • A teacher or a librarian who goes above and beyond their call of duty to motivate others to read;
  • A neighbor or parent who reads to local children;
  • An adult who learned to read later in life and secured a better job;
  • A business person who promotes literacy to improve the local economy;
  • A child who encourages friends and classmates to read;
  • An individual who donates books in their community or takes the time to teach someone to read.
Questions? Visit and click on Nominate a Reading Hero.  Watch this video!

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