Safety-related Resources

Safety-Related Links


CalOSHA Standards – find guidelines and law – it’s their main search engine

Read about what needs to be in a mandatory CalOSHA Injury & Illness Program plan

Hallways cluttered, doorways blocked? Read about the CalOSHA Maintenance and Access to Exits Standards

View the CalOSHA fire extinguisher maintenance and employee training requirements

Find out the most frequently cited and fined CalOSHA violations – is your worksite in compliance?

US Dept. of Labor OSHA Main page

Wake staff up with the National Safety Statistics provided by OSHA

OSHA requirements for adherence to Blood borne pathogens and needle stick guidelines

CPR First Aid

Don’t want to perform CPR/First aid because you’re afraid of being sued? Government Code Sec. 1708 – covers the Release of Liability for Performing CPR/First Aid (as a County employee)

Q & A for CPR Questions – from the Doctor’s mouth

Lifesaving CPR Information


Find SDS online – search engines

Everything from Worker’s Comp laws to statistics from the California Dept. of Industrial Relations (Home Page)

Follow in-progress fires in your area with the US Fire Administration

So Cal Edison – follow projected power outages

Check out local road conditions

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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