MHSA Programs Overview

MHSA Program Planning

The Mental Health Services Act offers San Bernardino County the opportunity to renew its focus on reaching out to the stakeholder network and building capacity for comprehensive and ongoing system planning, implementation and evaluation. The Department of Behavioral Health has established a committee structure and membership that includes stakeholder and consumer groups to assist with the community planning process. The organization structure also reflects proposed staffing plans to support the Program Planning process.

Through the community planning process, San Bernardino County identified priority community issues that formed the foundation for preparation of the CSS plan and various program proposals for the four age-specific target populations.

View the Community Program Plan (2005).

Prevention & Early Intervention

Find out about prevention and early intervention programs.

Community Support Services

Find out more about the community support services programs.

housing employment

Housing Developments

Find out more about the project-based apartments for homeless adults and senior citizens.


Find out more about the innovation programs.

Workforce Education & Training

Find out about the workforce education and training programs.

Capital Facilities & Technology Needs

Find out more about the capital facilities and technology needs.