Comprehensive Children and Family Support Services

Comprehensive Children and Family Support Services (CCFSS) programs are on the high end of the continuum of care for children and youth. The program is comprised of four unique Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs which utilize the Core Practice Model (CPM) to serve children and youth.

CCFSS is comprised of the following four programs:
Children’s Residential Intensive Services (ChRIS) integrates the FSP approach within the residential care of children and youth placed into a group home by either Children and Family Services (CFS) or Probation.

Wraparound is a joint program between DBH and Child and Family Services (CFS) designed to serve Wards and Dependents who are at risk of needing group home services. All referrals for Wraparound are made by CFS or Probation.

Success First/Early Wrap is a short term wrap-inform FSP which serves children and youth who are not eligible for SB 163 Wraparound but are having sufficient difficulties that without intervention a higher level of service is likely to be required.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) program is a short term FSP that provides 1:1 coaching in conjunction with other specialty mental health services to help children and youth in need of intensive services.

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