Behavioral Health seeks feedback on innovative projects

The San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) invites community members to review and provide feedback on the draft 2019 Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Innovation Plan, which includes creative, time-limited, test projects focused on eating-disorder prevention and treatment, art, and service­ delivery improvement. Projects with successful outcomes may become permanent programs.

The Eating Disorder Collaborative project seeks to develop a partnership between behavioral health professionals and primary healthcare providers, including community health centers and college health clinics, in an effort to educate staff on how to recognize and access services for a person living with an eating disorder and where to refer for treatment.

The Cracked Eggs project is a therapeutic art workshop series that uses art, in conjunction with peerfacilitators and behavioral health professionals, to express and manage mental health symptoms.

The Full Service Partnership project, developed in collaboration with Fresno, Marin, Ventura, Siskiyou, and Sacramento counties, seeks to create a consistent behavioral health care service experience across the state and implement measurable goals to improve care.

“MHSA funded innovation projects allow our department to discover and test new methods of delivering behavioral health care,” said DBH Director Veronica Kelley. “This funding, along with feedback received from our community members, helps DBH provide services responsive to the unique needs of our county.”

The plan and comment forms are available for review at during the public posting of this plan from Nov. 27 through Dec. 26. For a printed copy of the plan and/or comment forms, alternative formats, or for questions and/or to submit comments by phone, call (800) 722-9866 or dial7-1-1 forTIY users.

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Media Contact:
Aimara Freeman, DBH Public Relations Manager, (909) 386-9720.