Centralized Hospital Aftercare Services

The Centralized Hospital Aftercare Services (CHAS) programs provide a full array of behavioral health services such as intensive case management, medication support and integrated medical care for individuals who may benefit from structured levels of care either upon discharge from long-term locked facilities or within community home settings. The target population is limited to consumers discharged from locked facilities requiring a lower level of care. Case management, therapy and linkage services are provided at state hospitals, Institutes for Mental Disease (IMDs), Enhanced Board & Care facilities and community settings. The goal is to assist consumers to improve their functionality in the community and achieve a higher level of independence and recovery. CHAS oversees the following programs:


Adult Continuing Care Program (ACCP) Formerly known as Adult Residential Services

Providing for successful reintegration into the community via medication services and case management services.

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Community Reintegration Services

Providing full service partnership services to those being released from locked facilities

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Triage Transitional Services

Providing crisis assessment and diversion services for adult voluntary consumers who present to the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit

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Long Term Care

Providing case management and linkage to and from locked psychiatric settings and enhanced Board & Care.

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Conservatorship Investigation Unit

Providing evaluation and recommendation for Lanterman-Petris Short (LPS) Conservatorship.

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Agewise – Effective 1/2019 under DAAS

A non-traditional mental health program for the older adult population, providing in-home behavioral health and case management services to older adults, aged 60 and over, who may be experiencing a behavioral health condition.


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