Departmental Forms

Access all departmental forms used by the Department of Behavioral Health.


Access all SIMON forms related to the InSyst (SIMON) database.

Training Request Forms

SIMON Training Registration Request Online Form
DBH and Contract employees requesting authorizations to access the InSyst (SIMON) database are required to complete the online form and attend InSyst (SIMON) training.

Relias Learning Request Access Form
This form is used by DBH Contract Providers to request access to Relias for their staff.

DBH Manuals & Guides

View all DBH Manuals and Guides. Or view the Standard Practice Manual, which describes the role and function of each office, as well as the policies and procedures that guide DBH in the delivery of high quality services.

Data Collection Tools

View all the data collection tools available, including CalOMS, CANS-SB, and ANSA.

Medi-Cal Certification Process

Learn how the Medi-Cal certification process works and how to apply.


Contractor Dashboard
The Dashboard provides both DBH Clinics and Contract Providers a quick broad-brush assessment of our client services along with goals. These reports also assist in establishing performance indicators that are focused on client care and treatment. Behind each page is a detailed report that breaks the information into reporting units.

10-09 Alcohol and Drug Program Bulletin
Drug Medi-Cal Claims for Beneficiaries with Other Health Coverage. This Bulletin provides additional clarification for counties and direct contract providers to submit Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) claims for beneficiaries who have other health coverage (OHC).

Out-of-County Medi-Cal Authorization Numbers
Use these toll-free telephone numbers to get authorizations for customers who have Out-of-County Medi-Cal. (Ex. If a customer is a Los Angeles County Medi-Cal recipient you will need to call the Access Unit for Los Angeles County for authorization in order to provide treatment for the customer.) County Codes.

California Mental Health Laws and Regulations
The 2011 edition of the California Mental Health Laws and Regulations provides a convenient resource for the government and private sectors, mental health professionals, attorneys, clients, advocates, and the general public to identify California’s mental health statutes and regulations.

DMH Statutes
DMH Regulations
DMH Index

Electronic Signatures
The State has established the requirements for Electronic Signatures (e-signatures) in electronic health record systems. DBH has sole discretion to authorize contractors to use e-signatures as applicable.

Electronic Signature Agreement
Electronic Signature Checklist