Phase I: BHMIS End User myAvatar Training and LIVE Information

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DBH System Requirements for myAvatar Training and LIVE

  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome needs to be installed on your computer, NOT supported (Safari and Edge browsers).
  • Report Viewer needs to be installed on your computer. NOT supported on Apple products. 
  • Acrobat Reader needs to be installed to be able to read PDF documents.
  • A current working version of Java installed on your computer. (Avatar requires this to run).
  • 4K Ultra Monitors are NOT supported (using these causes the display to be to small to read).

Note: These requirements will also apply to ARMC and Contract Providers attending the training.

In the below images we will help you navigate your computer to make sure you have the required software, along with the current versions installed on your computer.

Note: the screenshots are from a computer running Windows 10 operating system.

Click here for a printable version and installation instructions. If you don’t have the software shown, you can download the software using the links below:

*Note: When logged into FTP please use new LIVE folder for myAvatar LIVE environment downloads.

Questions regarding training should be directed to Eric Rutherford:

Phone: 909.252.4013


For technical assistance, please contact DBH IT HelpLine:

Phone: 909.386.9730