Performance Outcomes

San Bernardino County Specific Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) Performance Dashboards

2018 San Bernardino County Children and Youth Report (Standard Version) | (ADA Version)
2018 San Bernardino County Adult (Standard Version) | (ADA Version)


Every year, the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) publishes mental health performance outcome reports and performance dashboards specific to each county. These reports and dashboards are designed to present interested stakeholders with an easily understandable summary of quality, access, timeliness, and translation/interpretation capabilities of each county mental health plan, including San Bernardino County.

    • DHCS Medi-Cal SMHS Performance Dashboards:


  • Provide useful mental health outcome summary reports intended to support ongoing quality improvement efforts and decision-making.
  • Are designed to respond to legislative mandates to improve outcomes and inform decision-making for children and youth receiving Medi-Cal SMHS.
  • Are published in two versions; one that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) publication requirements.

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Quality Improvement Performance Plan

DMC-ODS and MHP Quality Improvement Performance Plan

The County of San Bernardino understands the need to provide excellence in service through the provision of client-centered, consumer-driven, recovery oriented, and culturally competent behavioral health care services that are integrated with primary health care, and seeks to address each beneficiary’s unique needs. It is our mission to assist individuals with issues of mental health and substance abuse to find solutions to the challenges they face, so they may live full and healthy lives and function within their families and communities.

Our staff is committed to continued program development and compliance efforts as detailed in the County of San Bernardino Mental Health Plan (MHP) and Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) annual contract, as well as the annual Quality Improvement Performance Plan (QIPP).

The QIPP is the Quality Improvement Work Plan for the Quality Management Program of the County of San Bernardino. The QIPP meets the contractual requirements of the Mental Health Plan Contract with DHCS as well as additional areas of performance improvement as identified by California External Quality Review Organization (CAEQRO), the County Business Plan and DBH Strategic Plan. The Quality Management Program is accountable to the MHP Director and is evaluated annually and updated as necessary.

The Quality Management Program conducts performance monitoring activities throughout the MHP’s operations. These monitoring activities are designed to improve the access, quality of care and outcomes of the service delivery system.

Implementation Plan

Implementation Plan

The purpose of the Implementation Plan for psychiatric inpatient hospital services and outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services, submitted in 1994 and 1998, and under Healthcare Reform in 2014 respectively, was to describe the procedures to be followed in establishing the San Bernardino County Mental Health Plan (MHP), and in transitioning from a State administered Medi-Cal system to a system which is coordinated by the County. The Implementation Plan outlines the process of service delivery and utilization review by the MHP.

The Implementation Plan responds to the regulatory requirements found in Title 9, Chapter 11, Section 1810.310. Regulation citations are included at the beginning of each section of the Implementation Plan. This plan is a living document and may be updated in the event that the Mental Health Plan (MHP) makes systemic changes. Per Title 9 regulations, all updates to the Implementation Plan will be submitted to Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) for approval.