Community Supervised Treatment After Release

The Community Supervised Treatment After Release (CSTAR) program is an expansion of the STAR program and provides the same behavioral treatment services offered through the Intensive Outpatient modality. The target population for this program remains the same as the STAR Program (SPMI and high users of the criminal justice system and psychiatric hospitals) and will also meet any of the following criteria: no oversight of Mental Health Court, no formal probation or parole supervision, misdemeanors on summary probation (Prop 47), criteria no longer met for enrollment in the STAR, CHOICE, FACT and Telecare CORE Programs, yet requires a 3-6 month additional time period to transition into the community linked to outpatient clinic and other necessary resources to reduce recidivism into a restrictive environment, and lastly, transitioning from a correctional setting (i.e. Detention Center, State Hospital) through a seamless process with the least disruption to existing behavioral health treatment care upon release to the community.

Additionally, individuals accessing this program are independently seeking behavioral health treatment services that offer support and resources to help them remain emotionally and physically stable in their living environment. CSTAR program staff collaborates with Correctional Mental Health (CMH) program staff and the Public Defender’s Office to provide behavioral health treatment services to community individuals living with mental illness and remains at risk for involvement with the criminal justice system and hospitalization in a restrictive psychiatric setting.


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   Services Legend

A = Adult
CP = Contract Provider

S = School-based Children Services

C = Children
ADS = Alcohol and Drug Services

O = Outpatient

MH = Mental Health Services

P = Prevention
R = Residential

M = Methadone

I = Inpatient

F = Family

   Note: Providers may list additional services offered that are unrelated to this program, as all services are listed.