Adult Continuing Care Program (ACCP)

Adult Continuing Care Program (ACCP) Formerly known as Adult Residential Services

The Adult Continuing Care Program (ACCP) Program provides a full array of mental health services to include placement for mentally ill clients who require higher and more structured levels of care upon discharge from long-term locked facilities. The target population is limited to clients discharged from locked facilities. Services are designed to move clients to the least restrictive level of care as quickly as possible. Case management services are provided at state hospitals, Institutes of Mental Disease (IMDs), and Augmented Board & Care facilities. The goal is to assist clients to improve their functionality in the community.

ACCP includes the following programs:


The Patch program is a multi-disciplinary bridge program that assists consumers discharging from long term locked psychiatric facilities to transition back into the community. Services include an extensive array of educational and social services in an effort to facilitate success at remaining in a Board and Care setting.  Patch program staff provide assistance in linking clients with needed resources and facilitating social skills training.  Referrals to the program are managed by the Long Term Care team and come from State Hospitals, IMDs, and local psychiatric hospitals.


The Premier program serves young adults, ages 18-30, who have experienced their first major mental health episode within the past year. The goal upon completion of this program is independent living, or return to the family home, maximizing capacity for greatest level of wellness and resiliency. While enrolled in the program, a multi-disciplinary team assists consumers in connecting to community resources and provides social skill training. Referrals to the program come from programs serving TAY aged youth, local psychiatric hospitals, Crisis Residential Treatment centers, outpatient clinics, or direct from patient or family.


Clients participating in the multi-disciplinary Portals program are currently engaged in or have recently completed one of the other ACCP programs, or the Therapeutic Alliance Program (TAP), and receive their psychiatric care and medication support services from the Portals program. These clients typically require close monitoring of their medications and need services at higher frequency than traditional outpatient clinics can provide.  Referrals to this program come from the other CHAS programs.

For more information regarding this program, or placement into these facilities, please contact ACCP Clinic at (909) 421-9479.

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