Children & Youth Specialized Services

Meeting the mental health needs of children and youth requires some very focused or specialized efforts. DBH implements a variety of highly specialized programs (e.g., Therapeutic Behavioral Services) to meet these needs. Many of these programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of children involved with child welfare.


Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Services

This program seeks to ensure dependents receive appropriate mental health and psychiatric services.


Centralized Children's Intensive Case Management Services

Case management services for minors who are not able to be served solely through another program.


Wraparound Services

This intensive home-based program is designed to help foster and probationary youth.


Therapeutic Behavioral Services

This intensive one-to-one coaching service is provided to children and youth.


Foster Family Agency-Mental Health Services

This program helps foster family agencies provide mental health services to their residents.


Children's Residential Intensive Services

This program helps provide mental health services within specific group homes.


Children's Assessment Center

This program provides mental health services to children and youth being seen for suspected abuse.


Foster Youth Placed Out-of-County

This service helps out-of-county foster youth access DBH mental health services.