Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Services

Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Services (JCBHS) is a Prevention and Early Intervention program provided through collaboration between DBH and Child and Family Services (CFS). The program seeks to ensure dependents receive appropriate mental health and psychiatric services. JCBHS also has medical staff who aid in the review process of psychotropic medication referrals (JV-220s) submitted to the courts on behalf of juvenile dependents and wards of San Bernardino County. JCBHS staff provide an initial consultation with the court and responds to requests for a second opinion evaluation. The staff also play an active role in helping dependents and wards access care as needed.

Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes, a clinical unit within JCBHS, includes DBH clinicians who are co-located at CFS offices throughout the County. Healthy Homes is focused on the early identification, assessment, and treatment of the mental health needs of children in out-of-home care. The Healthy Homes clinicians conduct and facilitate screenings and assessments for children who have recently become involved with CFS. The clinicians also have close working relations with the local service providers and programs, so they are effective at facilitating services for children as needed. In some instances the Healthy Homes clinicians provide short-term mental health services in an effort to prevent involvement in a more long-term program. These clinicians often participate in team meetings with CFS to develop effective plans for children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

The JCBHS and Healthy Homes programs are intended to increase the stability of children in out-of-home placement, provide feedback on the prescription of psychotropic medications, increase the potential for reunification and maximize their function in their family, school, and community.

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Juvenile Court Behavioral Services

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