Children & Youth General Services

DBH has a variety of programs which are appropriate to meet the general mental health needs of children and youth throughout the County. Some programs are provided through community-based organizations and some are offered through DBH sites. Programs are available for children and youth of all ages.

comprehensive treatment services

0-5 Comprehensive Treatment Services

Find out more about programs for children ages 0-5 with emotional, physical, and/or behavioral issues.

Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a school-based approach to providing focused services to diverse students and their families.

school aged treatment services

School Aged Treatment Services

Find out more about the program for school-aged children and youth with mental health needs.

success first

Success First / Early Wrap

Find out more about this early wraparound program for children 0-15.

dbh outpatient clinics

DBH Outpatient Clinics

Find out more information about the DBH Outpatient Clinics that serve children and youth.

fee for service

Fee For Service Providers

Find out more information about Fee For Service Providers.