Juvenile Justice Programs

The Juvenile Justice Program (JJP) is a collaboration of the Probation Department and the Department of Behavioral Health. It is a team entrusted by the public to provide quality mental health services to juveniles in the justice system and to their families in an effort to reduce recidivism and enhance the quality of their lives. Juvenile Justice Program services are only available to minors involved in the San Bernardino County juvenile justice system who are referred to the program through the Probation Department and Juvenile Court system.

Juvenile Justice Administration

Since the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Program in 2006, Juvenile Justice Program Administration has provided program planning, organization, policy and procedure creation, staffing and budgeting. Administration staff has worked to ensure program compliance with mental health laws and regulations related to juvenile justice institutions and programs (Title 15 and NCCHC).


To promote resiliency in juvenile justice behavioral health minors through tailored, evidence-based programming.


Restorative Justice, Successful Youth, Safe Communities

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Juvenile Justice Administration

780 E. Gilbert Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415
Ph: (909) 387-7792
Fax: (909) 387-7177


Court for the Individualized Treatment of Adolescents

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Forensic Adolescent Services Team

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Integrated New Family Opportunities

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Juvenile Justice Community Reintegration

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