Transitional Age Youth Services

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) programs provide an array of behavioral health services to unserved, underserved and inappropriately served San Bernardino County residents ages 16 to 26th birthday with emotional and/or behavioral health issues. The TAY programs seek to support youth, engage youth into appropriate treatment, reduce hospitalizations or higher levels of care, reduce involvement in the criminal justice system and reduce homelessness. Services include coordination with the Departments of Children’s and Family Services, Probation and community resources when there are additional needs.

One Stop TAY

One Stop TAY Centers

Find out more about this program which coordinates the transition of youth from child to adult services.

the STAY


Find out more about the STAY – a 14 bed short-term crisis residential facility for youth aged 18-26.

phoenix apts

Phoenix Apartments

Find out about this permanent, affordable housing to youth aged 18-26 enrolled in an FSP.