Fee-For-Service Providers

Fee-For-Service network provider lists contain the names of all Fee-For-Service mental health providers who are (1) credentialed with the County of San Bernardino Mental Health Plan, (2) in good standing (i.e., license is current, malpractice insurance is in effect, etc.), and (3) have indicated that they are accepting Medi-Cal consumers, both new and continuing.

Provider List

DBH Organizational, Staff and Fee-For-Service Provider Directory.
DBH Organizational, Staff and Fee-For-Service Provider Directory (Spanish)

The fact that a provider is on this list does not indicate that they currently have openings for new clients. Some providers may have openings, others may not, and still others may have waiting lists. For further assistance or questions regarding Fee-For-Service Providers, please contact the Access & Referral Helpline at 1 (888) 743-1478.