Agewise Program – Effective 1/2019 under DAAS

Age Wise is a mental health program for older adults, aged 59 and over, who would benefit from behavioral health and wellness services and other resources to help meet basic needs. Services include in-home behavioral health and case management services, counseling services, peer and family advocacy, support and education groups provided throughout San Bernardino County.

The goal of the Age Wise program is to help individuals maintain the best possible behavioral and physical health in order to increase the ability to sustain independent living and well-being. Referrals and consultation are available to individuals, families and agencies working with the elderly.

Age Wise Program – A, O, MH
686 E. Mill Street
San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (800) 451-5633
Fax: (909) 798-8582

Age Wise Program – Circle of Care – A, O, MH
11951 Hesperia Road
Hesperia, CA 92345
Ph: (760) 956-2434
Fax: (760) 947-6311

   Services Legend

A = Adult
CP = Contract Provider

S = School-based Children Services

C = Children
ADS = Alcohol and Drug Services

O = Outpatient

MH = Mental Health Services

P = Prevention
R = Residential

M = Methadone

I = Inpatient

F = Family

   Note: Providers may list additional services offered that are unrelated to this program, as all services are listed.