Celebrate Recovery Month

Thank you for celebrating National Recovery Month with us!

Recovery in Color Virtual Art Show
Check out the art from the Recovery in Color Virtual Art Show below.

Recovery Happens 2021
Recovery Happens took place Sept. 18 and you can still watch the virtual event! Keynote speakers shared about their stories of recovery including Cesar Garcia, actor, producer and writer; and Tony Hoffman, former BMX Elite Pro and motivational speaker. Celebrate National Recovery Month and those in recovery. Watch Now.

Virtual Art Show Gallery

Check out all the amazing artwork in celebration of National Recovery Month!

Tragedy mounting,
Dead lives counting –
Amassing the things that we know
Which come few and few,
Hidden in closets of dust we once knew.

Stacking up the numbers,
Scared to pieces and going under –
Pandemic pressure piling high
Which draw nigh and soon,
Adding together under a sun at high-noon.

When will it end? my friends had said,
The tolls and trolls and our sorrowful roles fed
In chaotic timing with dreary news-casts,
And how can we carry on this way?
-When all the lives we’ve totaled couldn’t be saved.

Sickness means more to us now, irrevocably –
Blacks and Whites are fighting unabashedly.
Blue vs. Black: hectic and irrational –
Brown vs. Trump and international borders dividing our hearts;
We’ve got sins mixed with blessings in every part.

Anxiety and wanting to leave this Earth
For a better hope beyond these pangs of birth –
We clamor for an absolution hidden since
We winced at the reality of isolation
Plaguing us at the core of every mind and nation.

China makes more than fortune cookies and plastic?
I encountered notions of “truth” so fantastic
That biological warfare could win the night –
When mainstream media terrifies the senses:
Let us vaccinate each other to solidify our defenses.

Masks covering everything but hair-crowns and window-eyes –
Social distancing keeping us closer than that 6-feet guise;
We are being forced to gaze at each other above the nose;
It may amaze you to realize that mental anguish
And immune-system fear could unite us in a collective wish:

To love our home for what it IS and could be:
A studio, a classroom, an office, a laboratory –
Your art, their study, your work, our experiments
All come together under our roofs
As Grace encircles you in our Surrender-story proof!

The healthcare workers are soldiers for Peace every day…
So courageous and dedicated in the fray –
Witnessing so many horrible cases and eventually deaths,
They carry a burden too heavy for politics
Or even the best-laid plans and new agendas to fix.

Zoom became the epicenter of at-home learning,
As the isolation necessitates further human-yearning –
My first-grader’s music performance was online;
All the editing done by teachers and administrators
Who have been so stressed, with “making-due” the common denominator.

Healthcare workers!
They are Guiding Lights beyond the Trance
As we commence this Cosmic Soul-Dance.

Celebrate that we now can be together again –
Go to Denny’s and get that Grand Slam!
Make sure to get vaccinated
For that is surely going to help
With the comfortability we experience socially–
With new hope emerging civilly and locally!

We are turning within and discovering our Inner Truth so much more –
These past many months have evened up the score!
We are empowered as a Human Family –
We don’t have to settle for less
Than our BEST LIFE, and I confess…

I am GLAD this all transpired,
For it has given us all the VISION to be inspired
To have a common objective as a WHOLE human race –
To be diligent and steadfast for a solution,
Bringing us out of stagnancy and confusion.

So make your mark with new decision:
We are claiming our Sovereignty after careful soul-revision –
Walk with me toward our new hopeful dawn;
I have loved us even before it all seemed wrong.
Let us now love each other better as we sing our solace-song.

An Ode to the Coronavirus

“My poem illustrates that the Universe initiated an invitation for us to go deep within in shadow work and wound- and ego- and soul-healing and mindfulness and reprioritization practices in light ofCOVID-19 and the surrounding issues (like racial and political upheaval) sparked in these last many months. Wellness is achieved and maintained when we celebrate Life for all its ups and downs and see the positive side to hard circumstances. Recovery is realized when we honor ourselves and each other as Divine Beings of limitless resilience and purpose and self-actualization.” – Submitted by Ellen Drummonds Curtis

TEAM House

“It represents the clubhouse I attend called TEAM House, clubhouses are a place where we can feel normal without being judged for our mental health.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

The Cat Looking Out The Window

“Our pets can be therapeutic when it comes to our recovery and resilience.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

“A self portrait of me making the decision to say goodbye to that life forever. I am stronger and worth way more than what drugs and alcohol could ever give me. It is a message of empowerment to all those struggling.” Submitted by Amber Herfert

Memories of Loved Ones

“This represents the survivors of families who had loved ones who committed suicide. It is meant that even though some of us are struggling, we need to continue to move on and to continue to survive even if our loved ones are gone.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

Stomp Out Stigma

“This is my signature piece to Stomp out Stigma” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso


“Simba from the Lion King went through many struggles and I drew him to represent my struggles in life.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

My Super Hero Art

“We have many super heroes and I thought it would be cool to draw a superhero for mental health.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

Mental Health Girl

“This girl is wearing green for mental health awareness.” Submitted by Stella M. Grosso

Darkest Hour

“This painting was done by my late husband, Brian Caldwell, he painted it when he was at his darkest and it pulled him through.” Submitted by Monica Caldwell

Flowers of the Field

“Healing can occur at different levels of the mind-body, and various flowers provide possibilities for physical and emotional healing. Fields of flowers are sight of healthful, loving and joyful wishes for self and others. Flowers symbolize ethereal qualities, which bring emotional balance with love and joy and promotes journey toward recovery.” Submitted by Meera Bali

Indian Chief

“When I feel stressed or have anxiety, I draw. It helps me relax.” Submitted by Joe Smith

Made The Day Worth Living

“No matter how much hurt in life we go through, if we focus ourselves in something that we love, we can see everything that we have missed. When your thoughts are scatter, you could spit them into art and focus on the moment. Let your hand do the movement with the paint brush and the colors express what you have in your mind and then you will see that you have spent time doing something that relieved your brain from what it was experiencing and then you feel calmed. That is recovery, that is resilience, that is artwork. Do what you love doing, express yourself through art which it will take you to the art of living.” Submitted by Alma Potter

The Fire Within

“Why I chose this fire is like us when we eat right, exercise, keep ourselves healthy the fire stays strong. But if you neglect it, it gets smaller, weaker, until it dies! Just like us!” Submitted by Erica Mosco

Our Odyssey

“I hope by lending a my words, a view of the human condition. It might get people thinking about how much they have an affect on one another and letting someone learn things the hard way hardly ever just impacts the a singular individual. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Making them is okay, they just need to be corrected. Losing our old self is how we find our new one.

A majority of people all want the same things, stability for them and their family, good health and quality of life. Most stumbled when it comes to how to attain it, and understanding what desperation can do to good people.

To never underestimate the power of a supportive, understanding community that cares. Local and global.

In a time where the actions of even a small number have had irreversible consequence on the world at large. Change will come when we realizes helping each other and ourselves are one in the same.” Submitted by Draven E Scrivener