Change a Child Support Order

A change to a child support order is a modification. Either parent can ask for a change to the order.

If you have a change in one of the following, you can request a modification.

  • You are laid off or fired from a job
  • You get a new or additional job
  • Your income or the other parent’s income increases or decreases
  • Your custody or visitation changes
  • Your family size changes
  • You become disabled
  • You go to jail or prison
  • You are deployed to active military service

If you have multiple child support cases, all will be reviewed.


Modification Process

  • The department sends paperwork to both parties requesting information and verification of income, health insurance, and custody information. Once the completed packets are returned, your case manager will review the information to determine if your order qualifies for DCSS to file a motion requesting that the court order be changed.
  • To qualify to have your motion completed by the department, the current support must change by at least $50 or 20%, whichever is less.
  • Visit child support calculation to see if you qualify.
  • If the parties agree to the new amount, DCSS can complete a signed agreement, or stipulation, and file it with the court. Once filed, the stipulation will become the new court order, and the parents will not need to appear in court.
  • If either parent disagrees with the new amount, a court hearing will be set.

If you have questions about modification, please contact a child support professional by email from within Customer Connect or by phone at (866) 901-3212.


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