Closing a Case

To request that DCSS stop enforcing your court order:

Non-public assistance cases

  • If you are currently not receiving public assistance, call us or send us your closure request in writing.

Public assistance cases

  • If the child(ren) are receiving cash aid, the Department of Child Support Services is required by law to continue to enforce the support order, even if the custodial party does not want our services.
  • If the child(ren) stop receiving cash aid, we are required to collect the arrears that accumulated while the child(ren) were on aid.

Medical Enforcement only

  • If the cash aid is stopped, but the child(ren) continue to receive Medi-Cal aid, we will keep the case open for health insurance enforcement.


The department may initiate closure of a case for any of the following reasons:

  • A current child support order no longer exists.
  • The paying parent has died and a levy on the estate cannot be enforced.
  • Paternity cannot be established because genetic tests exclude the man as the father.
  • The child is over age 18 and paternity was not established.
  • It is in the best interest of the child to close the case because of child endangerment.
  • The biological father cannot be identified after strong efforts are made to identify him.
  • The paying parent is in prison without possibility of parole.
  • The paying parent is permanently disabled with no attachable assets.
  • Non-public assistance custodial parent is uncooperative.
  • Unable to locate parent.

If you have questions about closing your case, please contact a child support professional by email from within Customer Connect or by phone at (866) 901-3212.

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