Animal Neglect

To report any activities you believe involve animal abuse or if you observe or suspect any animal is being neglected or abandoned by its owner or keeper, contact the animal control agency where the acts happened. For San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control serviced areas, call (800) 472-5609. For other areas in San Bernardino County, please contact the animal control agency responsible for service.

Animal Abuse And Neglect

Is When:

  • Any person, maliciously and intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, wounds, or kills a living animal.
  • Any person overrides, overloads, overworks, torments, or deprives an animal of necessary food, water, or shelter.
  • Any person intentionally, for amusement or gain, fights any animal against another animal.
  • Any person permits an animal to go without veterinary care for an injury.
dog left in a car

Animal Abandonment

Is When:

  • Any animal owner or keeper has left any animal unattended for a minimum or 24 hours without receiving proper care and/or treatment.

(Abandonment laws may vary by jurisdiction.)

Animals Left In Vehicles

Penal Code 597.7 provides some legal protections for good Samaritans who break car windows to help an animal that is in imminent danger of suffering harm.

Note: This law DOES NOT simply give someone the right to break into a car if they see an animal that is in a locked car. There are several steps that have to be taken, including first notifying Animal Control or local law enforcement.

Anytime you suspect that an animal is in danger or is suffering, contact Animal Control or local law enforcement.