Leash & Tether Laws

Leash Law

Dogs off of their property must be properly restrained by a leash or enclosed in a vehicle, cage, or similar enclosure. If an animal is running loose or unrestrained, it may be impounded. Additionally, reclaiming your animal that strayed off property will require paying a reclaiming fee. For more information, please see County Ordinance 32.0108.
Animals in Passenger Vehicles
While there is no regulation on animals being loose inside the passenger compartment of a vehicle, they can cause distractions or obstructions that lead to accidents. Ensure that pets riding with you are secure and will not pose a danger to themselves, you or others.

Tethering Law

Owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs stay on their property or are leashed/contained when off of the property. However, it is a violation of State law to tie or restrain a dog to a fixed object like a tree, fence, or other stationary object for longer than 3 hours in a 24 hour period.

An alternative way of securing your dog is by using a trolley system. A trolley system allows a dog to move more freely by attaching it to a line that is attached to another line. Please view the California Tethering Law document for more information about trolley systems.

If you are concerned for the welfare of a dog that is illegally tethered, please call Animal Control at (800) 472-5609.