Dog Bites

What To Do After A Dog Bite

  • Move victim to safe area
  • Thoroughly wash the wound with soap and warm water
  • Seek medical care if necessary
  • Report the bite to the Animal Control Agency where the bite occurred

What To Include In Report

  • Circumstances of bite or scratch
  • Name of dog (if known)
  • Breed of dog (if known)
  • Color of dog
  • Size of dog
  • Collars, identifying marks, etc.
  • Location/address where dog last seen
  • Direction of travel
  • Address of where dog lives (if known)
  • Contact information of owner (if known)

Medical Providers That Treat Dog Bites

Medical providers that treat dog bites should complete a dog bite report form and submit it to the animal control agency where the bite occurred. If the biting dog does not live in that jurisdiction, the bite report form should be sent to the agency that services where the dog lives.

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