Loose Animals (Leash Law)

Loose Animals

Loose animals can be a hazard to themselves or others. Owners of loose animals are in violation of County Ordinance 32.0108. Call Animal Care and Control at (800) 472-5609 to report loose animals.

Include the following:

  • Location/address where dog last seen
  • Direction of travel
  • Name of dog (if known)
  • Breed of dog (if known)
  • Color of dog
  • Size of dog
  • Collars, identifying marks, etc.
  • Address of where dog lives (if known)
  • Contact information of owner (if known)

Leash Law

Dogs off of their property must be properly restrained by a leash or enclosed in a vehicle, cage, or similar enclosure. If an animal is running loose or unrestrained, it may be impounded. Additionally, reclaiming your animal that strayed off property will require paying a reclaiming fee. For more information, please see County Ordinance 32.0108.

Animals In Passenger Vehicles

While there is no regulation on animals being loose inside the passenger compartment of a vehicle, they can cause distractions or obstructions that lead to accidents. Ensure that pets riding with you are secure and will not pose a danger to themselves, you, or others.