Other Services

In addition to reuniting with your lost pet or finding a new ‘furever’ friend, the shelters offer other services. The shelter also houses animals that have been quarantined or seized as part of an investigation. To learn more about the shelter or arrange for a youth group tour, call (909) 386-9820.


Residents that live in areas serviced by San Bernardino County Animal Control and residents of Rialto can purchase licenses at the shelter. Please see our Licensing webpage for more information about getting and renewing dog licenses.

Relinquishing Your Pet

Residents of areas served by our shelters can relinquish their pets at the shelter. A fee will be charged. If the animal is healthy and has not displayed unadoptable characteristics, it will be made available for adoption. There is no guarantee that animals relinquished will be adopted out.
Dogs & Cats: $55 with proof of ownership. $99 without proof of ownership.

Deceased Pet Disposal

Deceased pet dogs and cats can be disposed of at our shelters for a fee of $15.

Euthanasia For Suffering Pets

Residents of areas served by our shelters can bring their pets to the shelter to be euthanized if a veterinarian’s statement is presented that states that the animal is irredeemably suffering. Disposal of the pet is included.

  • Dogs: $45
  • Cats: $40


Disaster Evacuation

During large scale disasters our shelters provide housing for evacuated pets. It is possible that another shelter or temporary animal shelter will receive evacuated animals, so follow our Facebook page or call the Devore Animal Shelter at (909) 386-9820 for the latest information during a disaster.