Rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes naturally found in California. While care must always be used when exploring the trails of our mountains and deserts, realize that rattlesnakes can be found in backyards throughout the County.
Rattlesnakes are more active during warmer weather, but can be found year-round. They love to hide in shade and containers around the house during very hot weather. If a rattlesnake is on your property or in an area where it can threaten humans or pets, call Animal Care and Control immediately at (800) 472-5609. Do not attempt to catch or confine rattlesnakes.


Be Sure That You

  • Wear over the ankle boots and pants when working in high grass/brush
  • Step on logs and rocks, never over them
  • Stay on the paths when hiking
  • Do not put your hands where you cannot see

If A Rattlesnake Bites Someone

  • Call 911
  • Attempt to identify the snake; take a picture, if possible, of the snake from FAR away
  • Assist the victim (if safe to do so)
  • Remove watches and jewelry on the arm/leg bitten
  • Immobilize the affected area
  • Keep the bite area below the heart