Sexually Transmitted Diseases

San Bernardino County is experiencing a significant and concerning increase in sexually transmitted disease (STD) infections, including syphilis in pregnant women and newborn cases. In 2016, the County reported over 15,000 cases of STDs. Gonorrhea cases increased 192% from 2010 to 2016.
San Bernardino County ranked 16th among all counties in the United States for total number of chlamydia cases. The County ranked 11th in total primary and secondary syphilis, 5th in latent syphilis, and 7th in congenital syphilis cases among counties in California.
County youth aged 15-24 years accounted for almost 60% of all new STDs reported in 2016. Among 2016 total STD cases, as many as 15.5% of females were reported pregnant. An untreated STD may be life threatening to the child during pregnancy.
All STDs can have serious complications including: chronic illness, infertility, hospitalization, and death. San Bernardino County aims to prevent these complications by educating County residents and targeting impacted groups, including young people and women of child-bearing age.
By partnering with schools, medical providers and other community organizations, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health works to ensure access to screening, treatment, education and medical provider training in an effort to reduce STD infections.

Know Your Status

The GYT: Get Yourself Tested Campaign is a movement to encourage people to get tested and treated for STDs and HIV. GYT increases awareness about STDs and how to prevent them. The United States has the highest prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in the developed world. San Bernardino County ranks 16th in chlamydia cases, 25th in the gonorrhea cases, and 41st in the syphilis cases in all of the United States in 2015. Over 50% of these cases have no symptoms. GYT and treated if necessary.
Lower your risk by using condoms and know your status.

How To Report A Communicable Disease

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