Cottage Food Operations

Assembly Bill (AB) 1616

AB 1616 Cottage Food Operations was signed on September 21, 2012, with an effective date of January 1, 2013. The Division of Environmental Health Services has developed a program which addresses all the requirements within AB 1616.

What Is Cottage Food?

According to AB 1616 “there is a growing movement in California to support community-based food production, sometimes referred to as “cottage food,” “artisanal food,” “slow food,” “locally based food,” or “urban agriculture” movements. These movements seek to connect food to local communities, small businesses, and environmental sustainability.” A Cottage Food Operation is an enterprise at a private home where low-risk food products are prepared or packaged for sale to consumers.


Application for Cottage Food Operations Registration / Health Permit

Annual Registration/Health Permit Is For:

  • “Class A” direct sales only
  • “Class B” direct and indirect sales


Cottage Food Operations Documents

Cottage Food Operator Class A and B Inspection Checklist

Application for Cottage Food Operations Registration / Health Permit

Approved Cottage Food List

Statutory Provisions Related to Sanitary and Preparation Requirements for Cottage Food Operation

Can I Prepare Food at Home?

Cottage Food Operations FAQs

Home Occupation Permit Application

How Do I Obtain a Cottage Food Health Permit/Registration?

List of Permitted Cottage Food Operators in San Bernardino County

Cottage Food Operations