Service Eligibility Determination

To qualify for eligibility for RWP-funded services, clients must provide verifiable information, as listed below:
1. HIV Status – Eligible individuals are HIV positive and must provide proof of their status.
2. Residence – Eligible individuals have resided in the TGA (Riverside County or San Bernardino County) for a minimum of 30 consecutive days. Details regarding proof of residence are included in the IEHPC Common Standards on the Standards of Care page: IEHPC Standards of Care.
3. Financial – Individuals must meet financial eligibility requirements as delineated in the most current IEHPC Financial Eligibility Criteria found on the Standards of Care page: IEHPC Standards of Care
Ryan White is also considered a “Payer of Last Resort”, meaning all other avenues of assistance must be pursued and exhausted before Ryan White funds may be used. For a detailed explanation of Eligibility requirements, review the most current Common Standard on the IEHPC page: IEHPC Standards of Care.