Community Indicators Report


The San Bernardino County Community Indicators Report provides a broad perspective of life in San Bernardino County and the many factors that contribute to sustaining a healthy economy, environment and populace. The report does not shy away from...


James Ramos

Countywide Vision

Building and maintaining a prosperous, healthy, and livable community requires honest and repeated self-assessment. We must constantly measure the progress we are making toward the realization of our shared Countywide Vision. That is the purpose of this annual San Bernardino County Community Indicators Report.

The 2015 report reveals that our national ranking as a good place to do business has...


Our Community is a System

Understanding that a community is a system of interconnected elements is increasingly important as the issues we face become more complex. The more we work collaboratively and across boundaries – whether historical, physical, political, or cultural – the more successful we will be in our efforts to sustain a high quality of life.

The graphic below illustrates the connectivity of the various aspects of our community. They are linked by virtue of the impact one has on the other, or the interplay between them.

Connecting the Dots

Every indicator in this report is linked in some way. As you read the report, multiple linkages between indicators will likely come to mind as you “connect the dots” between indicators. For example: