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DATE/TIME: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

INCIDENT: Unfounded School Threat

LOCATION: Chino Hills High School


On January 27, 2020, Chino Hills Police became aware of a video posted to social media referencing Chino Hills High School. The video depicts Chino Hills High School and then goes to an emergency broadcast screen with the text “Emergency Action Notification Issued for Chino Hills High School,” followed by text for a meeting on January 30, 2020, at 4:00 p.m., for further instructions. There was no direct threat made in the video. Detectives interviewed the subject who posted the video. The video appears to be an advertisement for a church-based suicide awareness meeting. It does not appear to be a credible threat. The investigation is ongoing.

Station: Chino Hills Station
Case No. DR#222000275
Phone No. (909) 364-2000

John McMahon, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department