Traffic Collision Investigation – Advanced

Frank Bland Regional Training Center 18901 Institution Rd, San Bernardino

This 80-hour course is designed for experienced traffic collision investigators. Emphasis is on the applications of mathematics and physics to collision analysis, scene documentation and evaluation. Prerequisite: Intermediate Traffic Collision Inv. CLICK FOR FLYER


Deputy Leadership Academy

SEBA 735 E Carnegie Dr #125, San Bernardino

D.L.I. is a 16-hour leadership development program for sworn and non-sworn agency members at various levels. Its goal is to help students recognize and adopt leadership potential. Students will study a variety of leadership models, the importance of value-based decisions, how to recognize their role as a leader, and how to improve their personal and professional effectiveness. All agencies are welcome. "Click for Flyer"


Civilian Supervisory Course

Frank Bland Regional Training Center 18901 Institution Rd, San Bernardino

Course Description: POST standardized curriculum introduces supervisors to the role, responsibilities and resources available for their position. This course is POST certified and is taught in a facilitated format to encourage leadership and team building in supervisors. CLICK FOR FLYER   Learning Topics: ·         Situational Based Leadership  ·         Effective Communication  ·         Disciplinary Issues  ·         Ethics, Values, and Integrity ·         Stress Management  ·         Performance Evaluations and Employee Improvement Plans

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