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DATE/TIME: June 22, 2019 / 3:30 pm
INCIDENT: Pinnacles Hoist Rescue
LOCATION: The Pinnacles/ Lake Arrowhead

VICTIM: Christina Mallon 49-year-old of Rancho Cucamonga
SUMMARY: On Saturday, June 22nd, Christina Mallon, went hiking with friends and family in the remote area known as “The Pinnacles”, located just northwest of Lake Arrowhead. The group decided to hike off trail through the large boulders which cover the area. At one point, Mallon was on top of a large boulder and attempted to jump across to another boulder. She slipped and fell approximately 10 feet down a narrow space between the two boulders. She became wedged between the large rocks and her companions were unable to free her. A call was placed to 911 and members of San Bernardino County Fire and Sheriff’s Department rushed to the scene.
Sheriff’s patrol helicopter 40K7 arrived at the location simultaneously with firefighters and began the search for Mallon. 40K7 quickly located Mallon’s party but could not see Mallon due to her position between the boulders. Sheriff’s rescue helicopter Air Rescue 6 (AR306) was called to the scene because the rugged terrain prevented ground rescuers from quickly accessing the area. AR306 arrived on scene and hoisted two air medics down to Mallon’s location. The air medics climbed down to her and discovered she was not seriously injured but stuck and unable to move.
The air medics tried to free her to no avail so three of County Fire’s technical rescuers were picked up by AR306 and hoisted down to the location to assist. The combined team of County Fire and Sheriff were able to free her and get her onto a rescue litter. She was then hoisted up to AR306 and transported to the hospital for non-life threating injuries.
Refer:                     Deputy P. Kowalski
Station:                  Aviation
Phone No.             909 252-4100
Case No.                TP191740038
JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department