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DATE/TIME:    Saturday, July 28, 2018          1:23 p.m.

INCIDENT:      Hoist Rescue/Medical Aid

LOCATION:    Bonita Falls, Lytle Creek

VICTIM(S):       Miriam Becerril 37, Hesperia
Lourdes Hernandez 40, San Bernardino

CREW:            40King5– Deputy J. Roberg, Flight Officer- Corporal J. Scalise
AR306–  Pilot- Deputy R. Peppler, Crew Chief- Deputy W. Hess, Medics-  R. Katzer, D. Word, and B. Reddall

On Saturday, July 28th, at approximately 1:20 p.m., AR306 and 40King5 were dispatched to the area of Bonita Falls, in Lytle Creek for a report of a possible rock slide resulting in several people getting hurt.

40King5 arrived onscene and spoke with Bonita IC, who had a team of firefighters hiking to the base of the falls for patient contact.  Upon contact, the team requested that AR306 perform a hoist of two victims, who were suffering from minor/moderate injuries sustained by falling rocks.

Deputy Peppler positioned AR306 overhead of the victims and Deputy Hess lowered Medic Katzer to the base of the falls to assist the Fire Department.  It was determined that both victims needed to be removed by hoist.  The first victim was hoisted via rescue harness and flown to an awaiting ambulance.  AR306 returned and then hoisted victim #2 by using a stokes basket.  Air Medic Katzer was also hoisted from the area, and victim #2 was flown to LLUMC to be treated for injuries.

Refer:          Cpl. J. Scalise

Station:            Emergency Operations Division- Aviation Unit

Case #:           FN 182090079

Phone No.       (909)252-4100

JOHN McMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department
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