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DATE/TIME: March 15, 2016

INCIDENT: Bonita Falls Hoist Rescue LOCATION: Lytle Creek VICTIM(S): Christian Sanchez, age 27, out of Fontana


On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, Sheriff patrol helicopter 40KING6 crewed by Pilot Deputy Ryan Conner and Flight Officer Deputy Carlos Quezada were dispatched to a search and rescue near Bonita Falls in the Lytle Creek area. 40K6 arrived on scene at approximately 10:38 p.m., and quickly located the uninjured victim stuck on a steep canyon near the falls at approximately 3700 foot elevation. The patrol helicopter was not capable of conducting the hoist so 40K6 advised Sanchez over the PA to stay where he was and a rescue helicopter would be back to get him. The crew of 40K6 flew back to San Bernardino Airport to combine with additional flight crew Rescue Pilot Deputy James Landry and Flight Officer/ Crew Chief Deputy Paul Kowalski in the Sheriff Rescue helicopter Air Rescue 7. AR7 returned to the scene and found the victim had moved. It took several minutes of searching before the crew of AR7 located the victim who had fallen 50-100ft from where he had been and suffered severe injuries. Sanchez was unresponsive and wedged into a narrow steep canyon. Deputy Quezada was hoisted down 170 feet to Sanchez and put Sanchez into a Screamer Suit. Quezada and Sanchez were hoisted up together into the Helicopter. Christian Sanchez was taken to a nearby ranger station and picked up an AMR paramedics. Sanchez was then flown in stable condition to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for additional medical treatment. Refer: Dep. P. Kowalski Station: Aviation Phone No. 909 252 4100

Case No. FNR1600822

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