San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Press Release

DATE/TIME: September 16, 2016

INCIDENT: Operation Safe Passage

LOCATION: City of Grand Terrace 


In an effort to enhance student safety the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department – Central Station launched Operation Safe Passage at all schools in the City of Grand Terrace.


The operation consisted of a two-part approach. Sheriff’s Citizens on Patrol and Colton Joint Unified School District Employee’s handed out informational brochures on school zone laws at all schools. The information was also posted on each of the school’s website and the Grand Terrace City News wrote an article about the traffic safety campaign. The second part was “zero tolerance” enforcement. Deputies enforced school zone laws and issued citations to drivers who violated the laws. Fines for violations ranged from $18.50 to $400.00.


On September 16, 2016, Operation Safe Passage concluded. During the four-day event, over 500 safety handouts were distributed at local schools. During the enforcement stage of the operation, there over 300 law enforcement related contacts, 168 citations issued for various vehicle code violations,11 vehicles were towed and 7 arrests were made.


Violating vehicle codes in school zones, needlessly, puts students at risk. The intent of Operation Safe Passage was to educate drivers of the California Vehicle Codes that pertain to school zones and help protect children as they travel to and from school.


Refer: Deputy Frank Navarro

Station: Central Station – City of Grand Terrace

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