San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

Press Release

DATE/TIME: April 14, 2016

INCIDENT: Theft of Mail from Community Mailboxes

LOCATION: Numerous locations in East Highland

SUSPECT(S): Unknown

VICTIM(S): Numerous


Over the past several weeks, suspects have damaged and broken into dozens of community mailboxes throughout the east end of Highland. Since yesterday, eight more boxes were hit in the neighborhoods off Church Street, Weaver, Water, Highland and Pleasant View. Deputies have been working diligently to attempt to identify and locate suspects or a vehicle, but have not located any evidence so far. It is speculated that the upcoming tax deadline is the reason for the surge in thefts.


Everyone is reminded that outgoing mail should be hand delivered to the indoor delivery stations at the Post Office. Outgoing mail slots in community boxes should never be used. If possible, incoming mail should be removed from the box by residents as soon as it is delivered, or no later than evening. Mail should never be left in the box overnight.   Deputies are asking for the public’s assistance in obtaining surveillance video or information that may assist with these investigations. We realize that many residents have street facing surveillance cameras and are hoping that someone may have captured video of the suspects or the vehicle. Anyone who has video or information is asked to contact the Highland Police Department.   Refer:Deputy Jesse Moon, Sergeant Maggie Finneran Station:Highland Police Department Phone No.909.425.9793 Case No.131601643 et seq.

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