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DATE/TIME: Monday, March 21, 2016 / 12:30 a.m.

INCIDENT: THC Extraction Lab / Cultivation of Marijuana

LOCATION: 12654 Half Moon Circle, Victorville

SUSPECT: #1)Henrik Petrosyan, age 37, of Glendale #2)Jana Litvin, age 40, of Encino #3)Maksim “Max” Zhilinskiy, age 22, of Los Angeles #4)Confidential – juvenile


Deputies from the City of Victorville Police Department were dispatched to the residence to investigate a report of gunshots heard from the residence. Deputies arrived at the location and found the front door to the residence forced open. The interior of the residence was searched for victims/suspects but no one was found inside the residence. Deputies located items that were consistent with an indoor marijuana cultivation and THC extraction lab. Personnel from the Sheriff’s Department Gangs/Narcotics responded to the location to take over the investigation.


The Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team served a search warrant at the residence. Investigators found evidence of a THC extraction operation and over 150 marijuana plants growing inside the house. As investigators were at the scene conducting their investigation they noticed a black sedan driving slowly in the neighborhood. The occupants of the vehicle (Suspects #1, #2 and #4) appeared to be interested in the actions of the investigators at the residence. As the sedan passed by the residence a second time it was stopped by an investigator. Because of the suspicious actions by the occupants in the vehicle and the original gunshots heard call, the occupants were ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint by the investigators and deputies. They were detained without incident. A loaded semi-automatic handgun was found inside the vehicle. Suspect #4 arrived a short time later during the investigation and was detained without incident.


Investigators believe the suspects were manufacturing the concentrated cannabis (referred to as Wax or Honey Oil) at the residence and transporting and/or selling the product to others elsewhere. Concentrated cannabis can sell for much more than marijuana itself.Some marijuana users prefer using Wax, Dabs or Honey Oil over the straightforward method of smoking marijuana (bud) because of the higher concentration of THC levels produced. Therefore, the effects are much stronger than the traditional method of smoking the plant material.THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main or active ingredient in marijuana that causes the “high” when using the drug.


The THC extraction process is extremely dangerous and has a high potential for explosion and fire due to the use of large amounts of flammable chemicals during the extraction process. This chemical process is illegal and is a violation of California’s Health & Safety Code. Wax is a form of concentrated cannabis commonly made by extracting the THC from the marijuana plant or plant material.


The three adult suspects were arrested for: Manufacturing a Controlled Substance and a Concealed (loaded) Weapon in a Vehicle.Additional charges for cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana/concentrated cannabis for sales may be sought against them at a later time. They were booked at the High Desert Detention Center and given a bail amount of $500,000. The juvenile was released to the custody of Children and Family Services.


Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Gangs / Narcotics Division at (909)890-4840.Callers wishing to remain anonymous are urged to call the We-tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or you may leave information on the We-Tip Hotline at


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