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DATE/TIME: January 16, 2016

INCIDENT: PC 222-Administering an intoxicating agent and PC 243.4C-Sexual battery on unconscious person LOCATION: Rancho Cucamonga SUSPECT(S): Two 15-year-old male residents of Rancho Cucamonga VICTIM(S): 14 year old female resident of Rancho Cucamonga 


On January 16, 2016, the 14-year-old female victim invited the two 15-year-old male suspects to her residence while her mother was away. The juveniles began drinking alcohol and inhaling Chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant (CFC’s), known commercially as Freon. The female became intoxicated and passed out. While she was incapacitated, the males committed several acts of sexual battery against the female victim. The male suspects also searched the residence and stole several items.


During the assault, the male suspects forced the female victim, who was still incapacitated, to inhale CFC’s several more times. Inhalation of CFCs can cause lightheadedness, tremors, convulsions and interrupt heart rhythms. Inhalation of large amounts of CFCs can lead to asphyxiation, heart attack or death.    Both 15-year-old male suspects were arrested for felony Sexual Battery, Residential Burglary and Administering an Intoxicating Agent with the Intent to Commit a Felony. They were booked into San Bernardino Juvenile Hall. At this time, it does not appear the female victim suffered any long-term effects from the exposure to the CFCs.   Refer:Deputy Melinda Young Station:Rancho Cucamonga Phone No.(909) 477-2800 Case No.111601179 

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