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Press Release

DATE/TIME: March 31, 2016 7:49 p.m.

INCIDENT: Search and Rescue

LOCATION: Sawpit Canyon, Cedar Pines Park

VICTIM(S): Tanner Tardis, 19 year old resident of Victorville

Brett Clevinger, 19 year old resident of Victorville


On Thursday, March 31, 2016, Tardis and Clevinger went to Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area for a day hike in the surrounding mountains. They became disorientated as nightfall approached and took the wrong path. They were unable to locate the correct trail and called 911 at about 7:49 p.m. to request assistance. Neither were dressed appropriately for an overnight excursion and temperatures were expected to fall into the low 30’s.


The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Division and Twin Peaks Station responded to the call for assistance. Aviation quickly located Tardis and Clevinger on the western hillside of Sawpit Canyon, about four and a half miles from Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, and about 300 feet above the canyon floor. The hillside was steep with rocky terrain and vegetation. Aviation was unable to hoist them from the location. Aviation guided deputies from the Twin Peaks Station as close as they could on Sawpit Canyon Road, which was on the opposite side of the canyon. The canyon floor was over 300 feet below the road with a steep incline and loose soil.    Seven members of the Twin Peaks Station’s Search and Rescue Team responded to scene to conduct the rescue operation. The team utilized low-angle rope rescue to lower team members into the canyon. The team members were able to safely direct Tardis and Clevinger down the rough terrain to the bottom of the canyon. Tardis and Clevinger were provided clothing a little more appropriate for the frigid temperatures. Both were connected to safety harnesses and ascended the hillside with Search and Rescue. Neither were injured during the incident.    Refer:Sergeant Ryan Ford Station:Twin Peaks Phone No.(909) 336-0600 Case No.051600545

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