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DATE/TIME: Friday, May 25, 2018, 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM

INCIDENT: Enhanced Enforcement Operation

LOCATION: Uptown Yucaipa, Historic District

SUSPECTS: See Summary


In response to concerns from citizens and business owners, deputies and probation officers conducted enhanced enforcement in the areas surrounding Yucaipa’s Historic Uptown area. Deputies were deployed on foot, in marked patrol vehicles and on patrol bicycles. Deputies focused enforcement efforts on alleys, side streets, areas behind businesses and washes. Numerous subjects were contacted and 17 were arrested and booked into a San Bernardino County Jail facility for a variety of offenses, including outstanding warrants and drug related offenses.

Notable incidents included:

During foot patrol in the “Chicken Ranch” wash area (34790 block of Yucaipa Blvd) deputies contacted and arrested Dakota Martin, 24 years old, Yucaipa Transient, for possession of drug paraphernalia and Jonathan Otineru, 25 years old, Transient, arrested for possession of heroin.

DR#141801613 – Deputy Coillot/P.O. Ulloa

Deputies assisted patrol personnel with a residential search in the 12500 block of 18th St. regarding possible stolen vehicles being at the location. Deputies recovered a stolen car from the residence and arrested Ivan Lopez, 19 years old, for possession of a stolen vehicle & a no bail warrant
Two runaway female juveniles involved in human trafficking were located at the residence and placed with Child Family Services

DR#’s 141801612 & 141801616 – Deputies McDaniel / Lozano

Jason White, 22 years old, Yucaipa Transient was contacted as he walked in the area of Acacia Ave./California St. and was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

DR# 141801618 – Deputy C. Coillot/P.O. Ulloa

Alex Robles, 45 years old, was found loitering behind a business in the area of 4th St / Yucaipa Blvd. He was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia.

DR# 141801614
Deputy D. King

Scott McColum, 25 years old, Yucaipa Transient, was contacted in the area of Yucaipa Blvd / 3rd St and was arrested for possessing a controlled substance.

DR# 141801620
Deputy D. King

Jack Russell, 32 years old, a resident Yucaipa, was contacted in the area of Yucaipa Blvd / 2nd St. He was ultimately arrested for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

DR# 141801615
Deputy B. Chandler

Numerous additional arrests were made for drug paraphernalia charges, outstanding arrest warrants and public intoxication.

Refer: Project Coordinator: Deputy David King
Team Members: Deputies A. Rosa, C. Coillot, B. Chandler, V. Tordesillas, Probation Officer S. Ulloa and Sgt. J. Minard

Station: Yucaipa Station
Phone No: (909) 918-2305

JOHN MCMAHON, Sheriff-Coroner
San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department