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Start a Walking School Bus

Physical Activity Videos (PDF)

Add extra steps to your day. It’s Easy!

  • Park your car as far away as possible from your destination so you have to walk a longer distance.
  • Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
  • Walk your kids to school. Walk your dog. Walk and talk with friends instead of calling them or texting them.

Keep moving at home. It’s convenient!

  • Plant and care for a vegetable garden. Shovel snow, rake leaves, or do yard work.
  • Wash the car. Vacuum or scrub floors.
  • Complete quick activities, like squats or stretches, during commercial breaks.

Make exercise a family affair. It’s fun!

  • Throw a ball or play tag at a neighborhood park.
  • Swim at a community pool or regional park.
  • Bike along a local trail.

Take advantage of the great recreational opportunities throughout San Bernardino County. It’s close!

  • Hike along a trail or snow ski/board and ice skate in the mountains.
  • Paddle a kayak across a lake.
  • Waterski on the Colorado River.