Strategic Plans

Local and Regional Plan for Program Years 2021-2024

Local Plan:  

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Regional Plan:

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San Bernardino County Local Plan

The San Bernardino Workforce Development Board (WDB) envisions San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire region as a magnet, attracting residents and businesses because of the quality of life, availability of a strong workforce and high quality education that is unmatched across the nation. The WDB created the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act 2017-2021 Local Workforce Development Plan that describes how the WDB aims to achieve its vision of Transforming Lives and Strengthening business. The plan was developed by the WDB, with input from partners, customers and key stakeholders representing business, education, labor, economic development and community-based organizations.

WIOA Program Year 2017-2020 San Bernardino County Local Plan

In the fall of 2018 the WDB, in partnership with our customers, partners, and key stakeholders developed the 2-year San Bernardino Local Plan Modification. The modification focuses on the CalFresh Employment & Training Program, assisting non-custodial parents with child support challenges, competitive integrated employment for the intellectual disability/developmental disability population, and English language learners, foreign-born individuals, and refugees.

The 2-year Local Plan Modification adheres to the WDB’s vision and oversees strong labor exchange services at a single point of access for persons seeking employment and businesses looking for world-class talent.

WIOA 2-Year San Bernardino County Local Plan Modification

Inland Empire Regional Plan

The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board and the Riverside Workforce Development Board form the Inland Empire Regional Planning Unit. Together, the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act 2017-2021 Regional Plan was created and the plan outlines the implementation of the workforce development system for the Inland Empire Area.

WIOA Program Year 2017-20 Inland Empire Regional Plan

Leading into 2019, the Inland Empire Regional Planning Unit developed the 2-year Plan Modification through contribution from and collaboration with Riverside and San Bernardino County’s customers, business leaders, education providers, Sheriff’s, Probation, other County departments, community-based organizations, and State corrections. The modification focuses on Re-entry/Justice Involved individuals and the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum Pre-Apprenticeship in Construction.

WIOA 2-Year Inland Empire Regional Plan Modification

Strategic Planning

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